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Precautions for using utility elevators

In order to ensure the safe, stable and effective operation of the utility elevator, this article is specially compiled for everyone's reference and learning. O (æ _}) O~1. The utility elevator is a cargo lifting equipment, and passengers are strictly prohibited from entering the elevator car; 2. Sundries should be used by trained and competent personnel, especially triangular keys, electric lock keys, machine room and control cabinet keys, which should be kept by dedicated personnel; 3. Sufficient lighting should be provided inside the computer room and at the entrance of each hall; 4. The machine room, hall entrance, car box, and pit of the miscellaneous elevator should be kept dry and free of water accumulation; 5. The car, hall door, and door frame of the miscellaneous elevator should be cleaned regularly, otherwise corrosion may occur; 6. Before cleaning, all power related to the elevator should be cut off; 7. During the cleaning process, water or foreign objects should be prevented from entering the elevator shaft;